Sunday, February 16, 2020

Planting Words

Plant God’s Words

Ancient words
Need to be preserves!
Like good fruit,
Saved with grace
In a safe place!

Words are a harvest
We posses!
From past to future,
Strength, true and strong
Should know right from wrong.

Do your part,
from your heart! 
Ancient words,
Use your inside voice
 sing and rejoice!

Words can be messy
Words can hurt!
Words are the seeds
we need
 plant the future harvest
harvest a good response
sow the best with words
as seeds

Monday, January 27, 2020

Back to Poetry posting 2020

I am now back to posting poems at least once a week on this site.  This past spring and summer  were a time of change again and another move but I am now in a new but temporary  situation .  I feel fine about this and it will be a new restart to my art business and to writing poetry, 

That is all a good thing for sure!  AND grateful for this new situation at this time!

January 19 2020

January26, 2020

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Behind and Beneath

This is a painting 
like the idea
 the poem
 has many points to the view


Behind the trees and all the noise 
Behind the children and their toys

Under  forest living trees 
Beneath the moving gentle breeze 
Under all the moving thoughts and colors 
Beneath all loving dads and mothers

United by a common waving thread
United by the blue the white the red
An underlying strong and waving cause
An underlying set of our laws

The constitution stands for many years
The laws that help to govern our fears

NOW Guided by the heavens above
NOW Connected by our human love

History is golden
Not to be sold in...
any way !
Or given away,
In that I pray
For Tomorrow And Today.

Don’t waste the golden ticket 
To the future from the past
Learn well and consider it…fast!
This wonderful earth won’t last!

Animals will Know
Trees will grow
The Moon will glow
Let your love for ALL show!