Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Start At The Very Beginning.....

Where is the beginning? Actually that has been a question from the beginning but for now...
 What is the first point of light I might want to connect? I guess it is letting you know more about me and my art and why I might want to start a second blog. The first blog is absolutely great and has been going for a year but....not many people are there to read it ..... it is the set up of the blog and not the words that I have been typing or art that I post. I do plan to post to my artbyraebolg (Which is connected here on this site) AND ALSO...I want to connect to others and try to better spread and share a creative spark....through painting, photography, poetry, and thought.

This is a glass ball that is hanging in my art studio.  The photo of it with white Christmas lights on my black ceiling gave me the impression of the earth and the way our cities are full of energy and connected as the world turns in space. From my photos came the concept for this blog. What I believe is that the dots are all connected and the energy is there, as needed, to spark the creativity of all of us if we know where and when to look. We need to pay attention to the little things around us daily and not just rush around with out thought or we will totally miss what is ours to have....Joy of  living together here on earth.

This glass artwork caught my eye because the design connects my two blog sites.  artbyraeblog is also a connection to my art classes and I really teach the idea of seeing through the eyes of an artist as the first step to painting.  You can see the slice of stone "eye" that is here in this glass and stone artwork but the real cool thing is that it is encircled with points of light to connect this new site to the first one. This artwork just joined my home. (I will talk more about the artist soon) The art that I find and cherish is just a instant connection with the materials and the design.

More "Points of light" are here in my Office, Studio, and Gallery. I love the way the glass in this has always added a variety of colors to my living and working space. As I was looking around to see what I could use to introduce this blog there were so many things even I was surprised.Since my home is mixed with my Office/Studio/Gallery/Workshop you can also guess that my life and my art are totally combined into a joyful mix of life and creativity.
 Stones share their light automatically.  I can go back to the travels I did across the US with my parents, as I was growing up and NOW know why I collected ...stones!    

As I now say good by for this first post and hope you will come back I want to also share a photo and a poem that really refers back to the theme here of finding small points and small times that can form big connections across the time and space we call life here on earth.

Thank You and Please come back      Rae
( I do know that this is just the beginning of this site and like all things there are changes to be made)

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  1. Wow, so I am very impressed and will sign up to follow you right now! And can even comment. When you post a photo, click on it, and you can make it any size that you want to make it easier to see. Very nice!