Friday, December 9, 2011

Looking For Light

Sharing My Holiday
Looking For Light

Christmas is coming
I am sure that you all know.
And preparations must be made
before Santa can show.

Looking around the house,
I was looking for light.
And I found some everywhere
much to my delight.

I looked in the kitchen
and on the TV.
I looked on the desk
and where socks I can see.

I looked at the decorations
that came from the box.
I looked with joy
at how we hang socks.

Knowing that light
was there from the start.
We smile as the real light
comes from the heart.

I will try this again
 as the days march along.
For then the tree
will be part of the "song"

 Soon the manger
and more will appear. 
More children will gather
for this time of year.


  1. I enjoyed all the pictures and felt the Christmas spirit in your words. Hope it is a meaningful one this year ~

  2. Merry Christmas and here's to the light.

  3. smiles. your words and your pics leave me all warm...i hope you have a wonderful holiday season...