Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sing To Me


Sing to me

When I need to think
When I need to rest
When I need my spirit lifted
I need music

I could find it on the radio
I could find it on the ipad
I could find it on a record
I find it in all colors

I hear music in the blue sky
I hear music in the white waves
I hear music of the orange flowers
I hear nature's music sing

Wind Farms sing in silence
Trains sing very loud
Country sounds are slow dances
City sounds are fast

When I need to find the center
A quiet in my sole
Give me tree songs softly singing
But not loud Rock and Roll


  1. plays a huge role in my life...and def provides shelter and calm in the storm as needed and often fuels emotion...

  2. Lovely Rae! I love the music of nature also! Blessings in 2012