Monday, February 27, 2012

So Much Depends Upon.....the view point

So Much Depends Upon.....

Poetry Jam

A Point Of View

What hat you are wearing at the time
Whos shoes are on your feet
Where you 've been in the past
How words and your brain meet.

It all depends on how you look at things
What is your point of view.
Are you looking right and left
Or up at something new.

If you don't see eye to eye
With someone that you love
Then swim a little different way
Smile from the view above.

This watercolor is so old it has been on my art walls since college. 
LOL  but ..... It is still true and still on my studio wall with a thumb tack!


  1. excellent advice...your painting is lovely.

  2. Got my shoes, got my hat, got my point of view!

    Nice poem ...........

  3. it def depends on perspective...and our willingness to see that of others...