Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thinking Back

Poetry Jam
Thinking Back

Oh Yes, 
there are things that 
I should have done differently!
Every mistakes is a learning point.
every point
 the total !!

I have said the wrong thing..
Been in the wrong place..
My action was wrong..
no smile on my face..

I've smiled on the "life party" guest
really hurt the ones
I love the best.

I have done so many things
 that at the time
seemed right but...
were not the right choice
that is for sure
I did worry about the results
but now...

 seems for the best,
 passed the test
results are in...
everyone wins !

We All Win
 because we all learn
 from the concern
 from the ability 
take that mistake
 and turn
it into
a future
The Light In Your Eye
 That Shines From Within


  1. And is each white space a mistake erased? Or simply a strange graphic?

    And although I'm not a robot, I wish you'd not made me robotically answer the dumb, word verification! It is SUCH a nuisance!

    1. How do I fix this verification thing?

  2. we do learn from mistakes....our own and each others hopefully so we dont have to repeat some of them....smiles.....blogger it messing your poem up....if you highlight the white boxes though you can see the words....

  3. Perfect mistake poem! And I love your banner. Looking forward to reading more and seeing your art:-)

  4. I will see if I Can get the iPad to fix this post...I did not check to see if it went right so "note to self" always check

    no perfect mistakes but I can think back, learn, and smile at the thoughts now so...perfect

  5. I think that where we are right now is where we are supposed to be. Some 'mistakes' we made, in retrospect turn out not to be mistakes at all. And maybe the decisions we thought were best led us to a dead end; but I think it all works itself out as it should. I highlighted to read your words, as Brian did.

  6. I think looking at our mistakes as learning experiences is the perfect recipe for life. And even though it's not what you intended, I like the fact that we had to go back and take a second look by highlighting those white spaces...just as we often need to go back and look at our past occasionally to find the lessons.