Sunday, February 3, 2013

Giraffe, Ant, and Hummingbird

Poetry Jam
The beast within

The Ant,  Giraffe, and Hummingbird

Looking up, looking down, or looking around in fast little views
Probably something we all do.
It is easy to look out, just straight ahead
You do that each morning as you get out do bed.

You look out and plan your day
Reviewing yesterday and planning the way
But if we take a giraffe's view
We 'll probably see something new

Looking through the eyes of an ant
We may see more then under a plant
Looking up, down, in and out
We may learn a new route

Views in little fast looks
Like snapshots in our books
That's the Hummingbird's   pace
Life in a daily race

Looking in all directions long and slow
May be a better way to go
Enter a fourth animal into this story
The turtle  an inner beast in all its glory


  1. Very clever to write from several perspectives! You really got inside each of them.

  2. ha. i like your they seem to signify how we each approach life...and which is best...i think i am a mix....

  3. I added the photo I could not find when I posted . I almost didn't type on this one because I could not choose one animal in me, then this idea came as I watched the snow fall thought that animals will all have different views so the snow or rain falling.