Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Laughed at My Stones

Poetry Jam
Stones and Rocks

I Laughed

I have moved rocks
I have collected stones
I have photo after photo in a box
Even stones on my smart phone!

Some rocks that I move today
were collected when I was ten
I can't let them stay
I want to see then again!

What is it with me and stones
Like trees they make me sing
This connection was unknown
Until I thought and there was a “ping”!

The thought went “ping”
This is the thing
This is the reason
This is the hold
This is the connection
This is what I was told

My maiden name is Steinhebel
and I laughed
In German that means stone-lifter
And I laughed harder
As I was carrying stones from my backyard to the van
I laughed so hard I sat down!!
With a smile and a frown!

That is just why I collect and carry
That is why I photo and box

Stones are even the toys for my grand kids
Now I understand
Now I know
Now I laugh and smile and grow
Built on a stone is not a bad thing
Thank you laugh and thank you "ping"


  1. ha. pretty cool on your name and perhaps a hint at your connection to stones...used to keep a medicine pouch on my hip and places stones in it from everywhere we went...

  2. So funny to see this and we have this moving of rocks in common

  3. This challenge was MADE FOR YOU!!!! :)

  4. Wonderful! I love the photos of the rocks too. (And of course you know it also means beermug-lifter--my maiden name was Steinhaus so I understand about this...I like the image of a stone house rather than a beermug house) I also collected rocks and stones as a kid and even tried to learn the names of the different kinds and how to identify them. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I used to always ask people if they'd rather be a stone or a river. I know what you'd say!

    1. probably a river for it is on the move and sings on its way, where stones may stay in the same place for years unless people like move them from place to place. "smile"

  6. I always say names effect you! Beautiful photo of the rock and the waves!

  7. It's in the stars! You're meant to like stones. That is not a bad thing. Nicely artbyrae!


  8. Stones come in all shapes and sizes, crafted in time and words

  9. What a lovely collection of rocks and stones, great photos :)

  10. Interesting connection you have to stones!

  11. I love your rock pictures and your "rocky" journey;-)

    Life has the most interesting coincidences doesn't it?