Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Use the Good China

Poetry Jam

Food For Thought

Use the good glass
Times like these will not last
Fresh flowers in a vase
Cloth napkins always in their space

Use all the serving plates and dishes
Share your gratitude and wishes
Here's time to learn together
Food show love now and forever

Use desert to slow the pace
Slow the time together from a race
Thoughtfully serve a beautiful plate
Dinner is not a starting gate.

Use food daily to celebrate
Because every day is a special date
Putting a cherry on the top

Seems to say Love does not stop


  1. Loved this, every day is a day for the cherry on top.

  2. Good one.... Love grows
    more with food........Wonderful

  3. use dessert to slow the pace...to create that oasis just to be together...i like that...and that is important...and every day can def be special...

  4. I agree about using the good glassware, the good china. Why save them for a tomorrow that may or may not ever come. Use them NOW with love in the banquet of life.

  5. a wonderful thought to add a cherry to everyday! Maybe I should use my china since I haven't once in almost 19 years!!!

  6. my sentiments entirely! Lovely and loving poem. Have a wonderful week!

  7. Great message! Yup, it's a good idea to savor all we have , but we know that life can turn on a dime ...

  8. I also like the idea of dessert slowing the pace of the meal ... a lovely way to end things. :))

  9. I love using good china and just enjoying the meal--great way to end with a cherry on top! I was inspired by that phrase too :-)

  10. I love using the good dishes too especially now that I am not always feeding kids! Great to remember to make it all special and lovely.