Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Circleing Around The Rim

Poetry Jam
All in the trash


Nothing ever goes away
Everything is here to stay
Everything changes and goes away
Nothing is really here to stay

Cities discovered under the sea
Wonder and amazement for you and me
Wonder from past lives not built under the sea
Cities of art buried puzzle you and me

Time changed great civilizations of the past
Nature erased human knowledge that didn't last
Nature built over humans past
Time is one thing that will last

Great cities become just dust alone
Large animals are encased in stone
Large ideas reflect knowledge we're not alone
Great humans built with massive stone

Can we learn from what we find
We must stretch and use our mind
We often hide a unexplained find
Can  this help to open our mind

Everything is not here to stay
We must be wise and thoughtful every day
We can decide what is here to stay
Everything but nothing is garbage today


  1. Every event of history was significant in some way... there is nothing garbage. Some things get lost... some flourish with time. A very thoughtful creation, layered with the visions of time. Well-written.

  2. Good description of the circle of birth and death, creation and destruction.

    1. yes everything comes and goes...well dust is permanent or at least continual

  3. I like your thoughts...there is really no garbage in the 'cycle of life.' I like the form you used this week, Rae. It read well aloud.

  4. I really enjoyed the direction you took the challenge!

    1. I type before I read anyone else so I do not get overwhelmed with other really good poetry...and use what happened in the past days or week so It is always sort of different anyway. (Had to get a new garbage disposal and watched some history channel and discovery channel with my mom. Her take at 94 is always fun....we both wanted to dispose of the congress!! ) LOL

    2. Like you, I find it difficult to read what others have posted when I've finished and I'm ready to share. Intimidating to put it mildly. Good thing I write to challenge myself and hope for the best ....

  5. I enjoyed this. Time is definitely here to stay and indeed every things garbage at some point! Thanks for posting.

  6. Everything is not here to stay - This is so true and such a great way of seeing the chaos that surrounds us.

    1. Chaos is the right word sometimes...Can we just dust off some of the Politicians in Washington and put them on a shelf then restock the total place LOL Something there should change! ?

  7. excellent- and what will they make of our detritus that really doesn't go away?