Friday, November 15, 2013

One of the Last

Poetry Jam

This Christmas poem was written with my moms ideas and words. It may be the last or the last of many but is fits to this prompt.

She said that Christmas and Life in general is complicated.  We as humans want our place and want our space and our place in time.  We must learn to work with others and light the way for change or be the change that lights the way.  It will not make difference what happened in the past, but it is important our response to the past and present, that will shape the future.  At 95 she has seen much and knows that we will have changes that move so fast now that the last change will not be finished before the next is started. Last is the first in the changes ahead..It is complicated... but we, now and those to follow us, will work through challenges.

Joy Joy   ....always