Friday, October 24, 2014

As a child and even now

Poetry Jam


As a child I liked dress-up and horses
skating and many noise sources
I loved bikes and playing with dolls
jacks and running with no falls

As a child I loved jump rope and marbles
crayons and tents under the tables
I loved hopscotch and hula hoops
swings and any loop d loop.

As a child I played hide and seek
with neighbor kids that would peak
I loved to build with snow
with snow balls to throw

As a child we’d play family games
laughing and call out names 
I loved to ride in the car
we’d sing and not drive to far.

Favorite thing to do is hard to choose
I know toys were hard to loose
Favorites were probably just with friends
I loved time then with no end

'till dad whistled
 The street lights went on
time with friends was gone

But there was the next day
and my favorites never went away

As a child AND even now
I loved school and learning
I loved discovering and finding why

Where did that come from and how deep is the sky?


  1. I enjoyed your recounting of the games you liked at a child. Such good memories. And so true that just time spent with friends was a favorite activity....the games were not as important as just being together.

  2. "The street lights went on / time with friends was gone"...i can't tell you how much i can relate to this...o my..i think all over the world the parents were the same and so were the times have changed and accordingly parents and children have perhaps changed too....

  3. Reading about the fun you had sent me back to my own years growing up. And I still enjoy learning too.

  4. This really works and such a wonder light into the past. I really enjoyed this

  5. This is quite a wonderful memoir of childhood fun. The feel of it went very well with your message and it flowed well. I felt happy as I read this!