Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Old not broken

Poetry jam

Comfort food

Broken things new and old
Have a different story to be told

Dressers ,tables ,lights, and rings 
I have fixed all of there old things

I do it with joy and a smile on my face
They have a heart and home place


When new things don't work or break
They are suppose to work for peat sake

I need them ,use them ,and want electronics to work 
When they don't Bad words in my mind can lurk

There is a special place for old things in my heart
They are Like comfort food ,......when the computer won't start


  1. It is a good feeling when a person can fix old things & definitely an irritation when new things do not work.

    (I linked your poem.)

  2. Great poem Rae and those old things are often the very best!

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  4. aww...some old things are favorite forever...love this sweet attachment...

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