Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hills And Biking Up


The fabric of life
There are wrinkles and folds
Causing biker’s hill strife
There are rocks and hills in canyon molds

Difficulties give us ladders to the stars

Sometimes I might think to suggest
Life would be better if it were flat
Then biking up would not bring breathing protest
But life is not meant to be like a tumbling mat

Difficulties tightly tie the quilting strings

We would miss there vistas that now abound
Loosing life’s ups and downs—-not a chance
Where would the wind bounce to make it’s sound
How would the canyon show its color dance

Difficulties help us sing our song

So I am grateful for the hill and rock mixture
Grateful for the canyons, hills, valleys, and oceans
Painting, biking, family and friends give life's quilt texture
Stitching life’s challenges with the threads of motion

Difficulties are the backing that makes life’s quilt strong

(AND put gray hair where it does not belong !!)

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