Friday, July 22, 2016

Words Fly

Here and Now

Listening to words
Hearing words 
we need to understand 
The Good and Bad…the TV we see 
Words that shimmer and/or punch
Upset the brain, not a great lunch!

Sometimes we all need
A bubble to hear the thoughts
Behind the words, we heard 
Some concepts obscured! 

What actions are implied
past, present, and future
By the words

What are the interior spaces
Filled with ?  
behind the words 
think we know but.... Maybe? No?

The thoughts...
at the brink 
of looking down and up
 at the same time!
No reason or rhyme.
Words should sing a song to fill us up.
Hard edged reactions can still rise
Reactions surprise!

I grab the thoughts in the air 
What will work today and future time
Doesn't always rhyme
What will work in generations to come
Must be done 

Where we all live
Love will help us give.
Here and now
Love will find how!

Not the strange and hard choices at hand,
But the larger ideas behind them
Constitutional Concerns

Must stand



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