Sunday, January 29, 2012


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a sole challenge

Metamorphosis: connecting the dots

Change is constant, everything moves.
Even this artwork changed from the hungry caterpillar’s changes,

To include all circles of life.
Starting with the universe held and guided by a steady energy of love.
Out in the universe there is always,
 A guided energy as the wind blows the stars.

The circle of life held by,
 A strong woven thread,
Starts as an umbilical cord,

As all of us enter the world the same way.
With the same string of energy that holds the world,
Holding us to enter as who we are today.
The thread holds all animals,
Those that start from a cord or golden center,

We are all connected.
We all change.
We can all find the wind to fly.

To fly in any direction, the choice is ours.
The guiding universal energy abounds when questions arise,
 As they always will.

We question a chosen path and the path not taken.
There is always the time and place
To ask.
To tell all children that they will always have

 a strong hand to guide them,
 a hand that will hold all the universe as one.

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