Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3S Sight Sound Smell

sensual poetry

Poetry Jam

 Sight Sound and Smell

If you see it you know that it is there

If you hear it you think you know it is there

If you smell it you think... if might be someplace

If you see it,    hear it,   and smell it,      then you know for sure!
or do you?

My mom does not see so she has to rely on her poor vision 
to be aided by hearing and memory of what should be ...along with touch.

I sometimes don"t hear (so my kids say) so I better be seeing well.
Hearing can be blurred by just to much noise I think.
I just do not want to loose my glasses.....hearing aid????
It is my memory of the 3S combination
knowledge from the past experiences that form the total picture.

My grandson wants a nightlight
because he wants to know...
 there is nothing  in the dark.
He can not rely on any memory 
of what is expected
 or knowledge of what males a funny sound  in a room 
or what is that smell (Maybe cookies he hopes) 
or what it is that he is touching
...he is 3.

sensual perception
 also your
 insight, memory, and knowledge.


  1. Love it! So are you back to "normal", what ever that is???? Hope to talk to you soon! Very nice reasoning you have here.

    1. well I guess this is normal. My "to do" list is long and inbox overflowing, my mail is in a pile, and I would have more fun typing here then working with the vacuum!

  2. Ah! I thought so! This should be the link for Poetry Jam this week - I'll see if I can add it for you...

    Yes, I could, and have done. :)

  3. My favorite lines are those about your grandson ... yes, nightlights are good - for me too!

  4. My grandson wants a nightlight
    because he wants to know...
    there is nothing in the dark.

    If all of his worries in his life were so easily handled! Sweet poem.

  5. All senses work together for sure; but if one loses one (such as your mother) it seems the others become stronger. And, LOL, I laughed when your kids said you didn't hear. (Convenient sometimes..ha ha.) Thanks for sharing with Poetry Jam.

  6. sensual perception
    also your
    insight, memory, and knowledge.

    true, love the last stanza, well done.

  7. nice...growing up we had a blind man that would come and tune our piano...it was amazing to watch his as his other senses took over...when you were talking about your mom it took me there...

  8. I liked the part about your grandson :) I read something into the '...he is 3' that I possibly shouldn't have, but believe me, I'm really very him a lot of the time. That little passage filled me with warmth.