Monday, February 20, 2012

Grand Guide

Artists in Blogland

When looking at the Grand Canyon there is
 a wonder and expectation
 that this is something that will
 always be here  
carved in stone.

Grand Guide
Art With A Voice     by Rae

Rock and water, sun and stars
build a monumental guidebook for learning.

Feet in the water and neck bent back,
you can see where you were 
and where you must go
at the same time.

Feet on the rocks and hands on the wall,
you can feel majestic
 and small
at the same time.

Day and sun are hot,
night and stars are cold,
but both are part of the same
experience to be cherished with equal joy.

Walking down you hold your breath in wonder.
Walking across you breath deep in joy and beauty.
Walking up you breath deep to breath at all 
 find joy in any shade of anything along the path.
Like life there is a hard part
that comes
 with the choice
 to see more
 just the rim!


  1. This is beautiful Rae! Is it done on fabric?

  2. What a stunning landscape! Fantastic work!