Monday, February 20, 2012

A NEW and BIG project ISLANDS

This concept and "sketch" has been on  a paper bag and in my mind since my trip to Orcas Island last August. The view from Moran State Park on top of Mount Constitution has been on my office desk to keep the Island feeling fresh but I do not need that panoramic photo to do that at all.  I was on Orcas Island when I was about 14 and I found that this time back leaves me with the same feeling today as years ago.  It feels like heaven on earth.  The trees are old and tower to the sky and seem to talk for all trees, the flowers hold the total color palate of all flowers on earth and just smile at the sky, and the background of snow topped mountains and misty islands is more than breath-taking for this view is heaven-sent.  If you add to this the hidden waterfalls there is no place else  and no way to forget this feeling of connection to the earth. The islands seem like stepping-stones to the magic that we know as life and living.
I have photos to paint from but I really do not need them except to get the details of the placement of tree branches and edges of flowers and the wooden dock construction.  I will get the placement of Islands right but because I know the rules of perspective I think I will break then all in one painting.  I want to look out, look up, look down, and see the light from all angles at one time do this the painting will become a composit of all the glory that is in the photos in my mind.  Realistic and abstract together to form the style I love.  Not photo realism in its painting but not al all abstract either. It is in the design that this painting will talk to the viewers.  Oh yes, to make this even mor fun it is on three panels as if looking out the back of the ferry-boat that gets you to and from the islands and it can not be small.  The feeling there is BIG ao the three panels are 24 x 48 so  it will be more than 72 x 48 when done.....PERFECT 

But now....I have photos, a memory, and a 8x10 sketch      It Is A Start because I am ready to unwrap the canvas and open the paint.  I am planning this in oil and will not sketch on the canvases but go directly from the plans so it has an open and misty edge feeling that is there when you have morning coffee on a balcony and evening wine as the sun sets. ( I can not even think about the stars for there are to many and that has to be a second painting altogether.)
the focal point photos are here and I will post parts as I paint this ...A paint class for all

This will take some time so It is a work for the next months...  keep watching and see what happens to this painting  .
  Oh yes the words ate here too  Art With A Voice ... Well I guess that will be posted later for the file is not to be found! Guess I chould not wait more then 6 months to paint an idea.


  1. So will look forward to seeing this awesome painting!!!

  2. I will try to keep progress photos posted here