Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life's Dance

Poetry Jam
Hot and Cold

Life's Dance

Hot sun and wind
on the sand.
Warm memories of tine passed
blow across my mind.
They stop in a 
hot center spot.

Cold walls and machines
in the room.
Cool thoughts of now
blow across my mind.
They stop in a 
wondering center spot.

All Memories move 
songs and singing
smiles and laughter
travel and vacations
blend together.

What remains is 
the warm joy of friendship
always wrapped in foil
to keep it


  1. That last stanza is so true....all the memories good and and cold.....mix together in our mind, but it is the warm friendship that remain and pass the test of time. This is lovely!

  2. nice...those warm friendships def should be kept safe in foil or otherwise...nice write...hey other jammers are having trouble getting here because your link does not work...i jumped back a prompt and got here that way

  3. I just posted it again but maybe I did it right this time. Do not know what i did different that it did not work

  4. love the foil reference, enjoyed this

  5. The last stanza is beautiful. Have to keep those friendships warm. I am glad you figured out how to do it, as you wrote a very nice piece. I hope you remember what you did so you can do it again next time! Thanks for Poetry Jamming!

  6. I love the idea of wrapping joy in foil to keep it hot .... so nice.

  7. The first line just captured me! Warm joy of friendship, indeed!