Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starving Artist

Poetry Jam

Starving Artist

Starving for time to paint
Starving for perfect inspiration
Hungry for moments the colors are right
Hungry for perfect blends and color movement
Satisfied when time and paint run together
Satisfied when the inspiration comes to fill
Fulfilled with true joy of artistic expression
Fulfilled with creation of mind and heart
Satisfied as ideas become artworks
Hungry to share the excitement
Starving for time to paint...and
the chocolate chip cookie!

Sometimes art and cookies mix
and that is what creates the smile

 Starving artist...not when the art is on a cookie!


  1. Very, very cute. I have a refrigerator full of art. (that is a lot of cookies you made!

  2. Love these photos of David, and those cookies look great. I really like how your words here make the shape of a cookie/apple . Really cool. Hope your day is great Rae!

  3. How completely delightful .........

  4. If we wait for the PERFECT time, we'll miss all the messy beautiful little moments when masterpieces happen.

    hot hot HOT

  5. I just love this. It is wonderful when 'art and cookies mix.' What a cute kid; and he sure looks like he enjoyed both!