Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tools For Today

Poetry Jam

Tools for Today

Complications are sandwiched between communications
Time marches on with its passion for passing to quickly
Facts and opinion get mingled in life's search for love
The breeze at sunsets allows us peace
The wind in storms distributes fear
Choices make the world go round but .....
it is tools we depend on to choose
that make the world a heaven on earth.

Choose knowledge and kindness to communicate.
Choose joy wherever you find yourself each and everyday.
Choose your heart's path guided by past experiences.
Choose your mind's tools with dedication to your goal.

What ever tools you use daily for the work you love,
it will be
the mind,
that everyone relies upon as their life-support tool.




  1. Nice thoughts....first para's last lines I love most..

  2. Lovely poem .... I like "choose kindness ... knowledge ... joy, yes those are great tools in life. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Very nice! We do have many choices of tools. Your poem makes that point well; and it is always good to choose the kindest tools at any given time.

    Here is my tools poem:

  4. def using our mind to make choices and our heart to guide us as well...def some nice creative take on the tools theme...i like...

  5. Seems that the very best way to get the very best painting is to start with great thoughts and feelings...The paint will do the rest most of the time. Now to write poems....that also must just be there because it is not as easy to get words to do the "painting". That is why this Poetry Jam page is so good for me. It forces me to aim at a subject or at least turn the subject around and upside down and inside out to find a way to get at a poem right then that day at that moment in!

  6. moind as life support tool - interesting.

  7. Choose wisely ... it is a blend of heart and mind. I like the photos at the end (I choose the waves rolling gently upon the shore :)