Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hard Copy

Poetry jam                                                     Hard Copy

sending a letter
signing with I Love You
to my parents and friends
that is just what I'd do.
But now I type to the air
still send a note or two
no hard copy
sent to you.

Something is lost !!

A friend from years ago just found me
using this new social airwaves

Something is found!

This makes me think,
do I have letters or photos from the past?
Probably, but if not, ...sad!

Somethings like inner connections
never really lost?

hard copy in my mind
are not lost and can be retrieved as needed?
photos help as we go back in time is
the good times, the hard times, the funny times
that form the stuff we store
in the trunk of our mind.

So life does not erase the past steps I taken
Start to use
the older way of staying in touch.
Letters will be sent
memories are not lost in the cobwebs of my mind!


  1. there is just something so personal about sending a letter....taking the time to hand write it...i still have quite a few...mostly from when i was dating my wife....i lived a state away the last year before we were married and wrote often...

  2. I enjoyed your reflections on letters. I think many of us are doing some reflecting after writing our poem and reading others' poems. Your poem again makes me realize what treasures letters are!

  3. I loved the image you created with 'the trunk of our mind.' and later 'cobwebs' (in the old trunk. ) This is a lovely reflection on memory and the importance of the written word. LOVE the title!

  4. In this day and age, I do prefer the daily contact I have with my children, but a thank you, a yearly written birthday wish, a "how are you" letter is very, very nice.

  5. Trunks and cobwebs and connections and nicely presented here! May we never forget the power of our words on paper. (I keep all of my writing in notebooks because I hate to think that they'd otherwise exist only out here in cyberspace! 8-)

  6. Beginning with that great title "Hard Copy" ... through the last word, I thoroughly enjoyed this!!

  7. Yes, there is something different about hard copy letters. But then at least e-mails get written and sent!