Sunday, September 9, 2012


Poetry Jam


You asked what challenge is one that follows me?
From kindergarten to today?
I just cant spell the words I say,
Brings me to tears,
From laughter and the fear
that something is missing
Between my ears!

Teachers taught me and I studied the lists.
But the test had red circles
All over the place
No smile on my faces!
Don't ask about the weekly spelling bee
Last chosen and first down was always me!

From grade school to masters classes
where profs wondered how
I could use one word four times on one page
But always spell it
I was a spelling challenge from year to year,
Always left me with that fear.

I smile now as I think back
I wanted those typewriters to spell!
I wanted to hit a button and know all is well!
Yes, Great, now that invention is here
I can grin from ear to ear
No more worry no more fuss
I can do this...Blog and Type?

Well I guess there is still a problem
That Spell-check can't fix
There are still words I can mix
"I think you're grate "
Am I writing to you or a fireplace?
" use the right angel to form your shape"
does the triangle have white wings or lines
To hold it in place?

I know what word is right
I even know how to spell
But my brain goes fast
And doesn't do it well!

So laugh with me when you find the mess I make
Laugh when you see the big mistake!
It's not my brain,
that's working fine
Now it's the computer I can blame
Is's the programs I can not tame
It is really all the same?
Problem Between Screen And Chair

So I send love to all
Spelling well...don't laugh

Maybe that is why
 I paint and photograph

Focus on the Fun and the Play
Save spelling for another day 


  1. Oh how I can relate to this!! I have never been a good speller. I even had a career as a writer and journalist--and thank goodness for spell check! When I first started work at my newspaper my editor gave me a list of words each week that I "really should know how to spell." LOL

  2. I enjoyed this read, Rae Ann. When I was teaching, I had some children in class who just COULD NOT spell. They were frustrated, and their parents were frustrated. Spelling just did not 'take.' The children might be good at everything else. I empathize. So glad there is spell check today!!

  3. Thankfully spelling has never been an issue for me; unfortunately, my husband's spelling is so atrocious that spell check doesn't help! A very entertaining poem, thanks so much for sharing this!

  4. Smiles...I am sorry for the challenge, but I loved the humor in this poem! It is good when we can make light of things that bother us!

  5. I love to laugh at life as it passes by

  6. Spell check is like sliced bread but it is not always where you need it....I do use a pencil and paper

  7. thank you for the smile! spelling's over-rated, don't you think?