Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Choices You Make

Poetry Jam

My grandma walked the picket line
so women have the right to vote
My grandpa worked to teach me
what he thought I ought to know

My grandmother come from Norway
sent to be with family in a new land
My grandfather came from Germany
a new language to learn and understand

They built a firm foundation
for my Mother and my Dad
Foundation meant to pass to me
choices I might have.

Life is complicated now
not as simple as before...

Change, move forward, better what?
Children can not plan to have the life of their Dad...
They can not really know.....and what can I tell them really!!
I think I can
I know I will
You need to plan and ….
Remember what your mother said?!
No not really
Except that you can depend on change and challenges

Mix and Match the life you want
them a quote from my Dad..”just punt”
Live life every day
smile as Joy comes your way!

NOT much is anything very sure
the foundation I want to pass is there
but you may need to dig and build some more
Only this I an telling you for sure .........VOTE                     
make a choice
take a chance
you are a part of the whole
you count!


  1. Very unique and clever take on the prompt to mix verse with pictures which still contain the continuing verse. Enjoyed this very much.
    Great message too.

    1. Glad you liked it. I like doing this it keeps me on my toes to have a prompt to respond too.

  2. Oh what an interesting post - love the images and verses and, especially, your final encouragement to vote. Yes, each voice counts.

    1. I know that this year there is a choice and we ALL must think and learn and listen and then VOTE

  3. amen...we def need to encourage people to let their voices be heard and to vote....and sounds like you got some good wisdom on choices as well growing up....the choices are made whether we make them or not...

    1. right...there is a choice and it will be made.. so each one needs to make their voice heard

  4. It sounds as if you came from some strong roots. Definitely important to teach children the importance of the vote. That is a major CHOICE we have in a democracy. Your point is well made.

    1. Children are learning each moment from all around them so parents and teachers are not the only teachers but...parents need to set a base for thought and understanding of the world around us

  5. Mix and match the life you want!!!!! Spectacular advice, great poem.

    1. Kids will grow up to take advice from their parents teachers world leaders and the media. Sometimes that is a scary thought...Happy Halloween!

  6. I like your voice...stand up and be heard just like the voices of our grandparents ~ I hope your election and voice will be heard ~

    1. Which ever way you chose the choice will be made so....IF everyone votes then the best for the country will be done....I Hope!

  7. I like the way you put this together with the pictures and the parts of the poem. Could be used in many ways--as one poem or many. And yes, I too hope all will think and choose to vote.

  8. A stellar poem!! My grandma was Norwegian too:-) Loved the optimism and strength of this, and the use of photos too, wonderful :-)

  9. A lovely presentation for your unique poem. Creative use of photos. My grandparents were Dutch; coming to this country meant leaving behind a prosperous business - the promise here was so great.

  10. no certainty for the future, but we must do what we can. great take on the prompt.

    thanks for participating at Poetry Jam!

  11. Love the format you gave to this poem. So much great advice to be gleaned from this. Very nicely done!