Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life Is A Plus

Poetry Jam
Whats Love got to do with it?

Life Is A Plus
20 x 20 Acrylic Painting

Life is an unending plus
We sustain the love

Life blows in the air
As the wind blows
Love grows in our hearts

Life is nourished and planted in the rain
As the storms and rain come upon us
Love is multiplied

Life grows with time and sunshine
As the sun warms the land
Love matures and flourishes

Life is abundant
As we harvest the joy
Love is shared
blows in the wind

That is what Love has to do with it.....everything and it adds up to Life


  1. This painting was painted for and chosen by TED + Naperville to be the art that will be featured in TED PLUS talks for the Nov 9th Program. See their FACEBOOK page for more information.

  2. .. life, love ~ the best of math equations! Who would have thought? The painting is beautiful ... I enjoyed this!!

  3. Great painting and the poem is beautiful!

  4. i adore the love in this poem especially the final stanza! the painting is full of life ~ amazing!

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!


  5. I enjoyed this. It shows, I think, the ebb and flow of love. It is found and then.....blows in the be found again! Nice.

  6. Life is nourished and planted in the rain
    As the storms and rain come upon us
    Love is multiplied...really like that...because love endures the storms for sure if it is real...and life is so much more when there is love...

  7. Beautiful painting! congrats on having it chosen for TED!

  8. Great poem and a beautiful painting! So true too, love has a way of adding up and multiplying to make the life much more meaningful.

  9. Lovely poem about life and love. So true that life is abundant and love multiplies. Well said! :)