Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Poetry jam
Life's Circus

Dad always said “ we have track practice come rain, shine, or circus”
Some time when we were camping he mentioned the circus too
as in “ Lets get this circus on the road”
we scurried to
get the tent down before the rain!
Clean up this circus” Dad said if my bedroom was too messy.
I am absolutely sure he knew about a circus
but ...
I do not remember ever going to one under a tent with elephants.

I was sort of the ringmaster for a three ring circus
from 1975 – 2001
babies, children, school lunch bags,
laundry, cooking, scout name tags,
diapers, dogs, lawn to mow,
gardening, gymnastics, hems to sew,
puppies, kittens, Christmas trees,
cook outs, ball games, lost car keys,
zoo trips, ski coats, broken tents'
photos of the baby elephant,
grade school, high school, College bound,
memories in motion, lost and found!

Circus is within us as life's seasons change
Trying to keep the flavor of activity,
To keep the running visual of sports and activities
 my Mom
from a wheel chair
is not easy
is very necessary!

Life needs the circus
even when
there is no tent or elephant !!


  1. I love this take on the prompt. All the dad quotes got me grinning. And as a mom I so agree--feels like running a circus sometimes!

  2. smiles...raising kids can def feel like a circus...or being the ringmaster directing dad said some of the same things as well...smiles.

  3. One of the sweetest poems I've read thus far .... I'm remembering all of the funny things my mom and dad said .. thanks for the reminder.

  4. You do seem to have had a circus of a life--including your dad planting the seed of the idea! And it is all necessary! This poem made me feel good to read.

  5. Love this! Family like can sure seem like a circus at times, you've described it so well!

  6. I agree that life needs the circus even if there is no tent or elephant. We do need to keep the circus alive.....whatever season!

  7. I loved especially the raising children circus, which I remember well (and am still tired from!) Clever, humorous, and wonderful response to the prompt.

  8. Excellent take on the prompt---I thought about the child-rearing part of life too, that is a circus! Your dad's expressions made me smile :-) Really enjoyed this!

  9. Love this very much - very droll --- hope I haven't misread the mood!
    Whatever, damned enjoyable.

  10. I do feel as if my life is one big 'round the clock circus. It can be difficult to navigate, but also very entertaining if you take a step back and contemplate.

  11. I felt the connection of circus and my life too. Love how you highlighted the "us" in circus!

  12. oh, yes! raising children is definitely a circus, isn't it?

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!