Saturday, November 24, 2012


Poetry Jam
book title post

Fifty Shades Of Gray
(Add demention to life, painting, and everything..)

I usually do not paint in gray
Black and White ...not usually done.
Shades of color, yes what fun!
There could be things to learn from gray...
you say?

A bit of white in red
A bit of black in blue
Many shades of gray...
In clouds may make you feel a chill...

Drips on my skin?
What will happen?
Time to take flight?
Will gray make the picture right?

Warm up the color with a little red
Skin or Clouds or Grandmas tea cup
Warm it up!
Learn from gray that way...You say?

A touch of white
Something added as you think of gray
A touch of color, A little more dark
Something added Or taken away

Titty Pink, Tan Skin Brown, Rosy Red,
Paint a portrait with shades of skin
Make up the color as you go
Flesh is not a color
crayon or paint now, you know.
Portrait Pink your shade
Purple for the darker spots
White or gray
for the gleam of an eye...
No one took the gray away!

Feelings, paintings, thoughts, and fun
Are we painting ? 
Are we done?


  1. Ah, the little bit of color you add to the grey can make all the difference in the world. We can warm it up or cool it down. It is our own choice, don't you think, as we paint our lives? I enjoyed your poem!

  2. A bit of whimsy and a bit of color too! I love mixing colors!

  3. "Are we painting? Are we done?" What a marvelous conclusion!!! I liked your pasted format here --- and I loved your poem.

  4. what would we do without colors? and the grays and white and black do provide contrast. delightful take on the prompt!

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam!


  5. I love my Payne's Gray... :) This is a fine look at this color.

  6. smiles...sorry i am late from poetry jam....i think you found a bit of life int he grey...smiles...i am rather fond of my colors but the shadows of grey tend to add depth as well...smiles.

  7. I haven't read the book, nor do I plan on reading it ... I enjoyed your exploration of color in this poem.