Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Costume Trunk

Poetry Jam

The Costume trunk

Scarves as capes and socks as gloves,
the couch could be a boat, chairs could pretend to float,
sometimes the room was upside down and chandeliers were the trees,
creativity grew with childhood ease.

The sawhorse was an outside rides
A mop and I had a horse by my side.
Being outside was magical play.
If not in school, it filled the day.

Sometimes cowgirls got a broken arm.
Playing nurse and Doctor too,
was an important thing to do.

Statue, hide and seek, might end a day.
Kids scattered home as the lights came on
Fantasy and make believe stayed in mind till dawn.

For fans the fun is still the same, because,
Football is still the name of the game.
Size of TV with color and sound improved ,expansion 
replays add to adults reactions!
still the mind game changes the play
"We might have won if he did it my way"!

Grand kids now still have a costume trunk.

They play with blocks and cars and boats,
that crash and maybe do not float.
for some kids
Electronic games and computer connections,
add to the magic that can be found.

Keep the old fashion and add the new,
that's what kids today must do.

Peek a poo, I see you,
TV off and creativity on.
Skype you say
OK I'll swim to you today.


  1. ha you could have been writing about my boys....such imaginations they can find something to do with anything....we need to hold onto that as we get older...

  2. LOVE this! I was at a diner one day with my youngest son eating lunch (he was 3). He put the napkin from front to his back. He said he was a "super hero". A gentlemen next to us asked "Which one?" and my son replied "Super Hero Will" (his older brother who was 18 at the time :)

    Play acting is so important. Yes, turn the darn TV OFF!

  3. What a lot of fun imagining!! We had a costume tub when my kids were growing up and they really loved it. I kind of loved it too and really loved watching them create their make-believe. I had a similar cowgirl outfit--and where did that strange image of a cowgirl come from the seemed to be so prevalent?