Monday, November 26, 2012

Life Of Pi

Poetry Jam
Life Of Pi
Life of Pie and Giving Thanks

Thank you for the food we eat
The people we meet
The sweet things of life … like pie.

New challenges
force transitions to a different slice of that pie.
Pumpkin was delicious for the traditional desert...THEN

A Fall.. A ride ..A x-ray..A broken knee
at 93 gee not the plan but...A different step
the Pie changed to..
lemon meringue
all is good ?

pumpkin made the pumpkin pie
the lemons that we were handed
with the help of people we meet
have made
the sweet lemon pie.

Making Friends With A Difficult Situation (Life of Pi)

A new place for rehab on the first floor
A transportation system for a chair
A new group of friends and some of the old
A new place for Christmas cheer

Ring The Bells     Slice the Cheer
Happy Thanksgiving    Merry Christmas     Blessed New Year

Love and Joy to all
Pass the Pie

1 comment:

  1. smiles...make mine a berry pi(e) and we are on...ha...i like the bit toward the end when you start talking about the transitions ...a new place, new friends and even maybe the challenges....its all in the pi...but we can def find reason for back to you....