Friday, January 18, 2013


Poetry Jam


Two little sisters walk along the rocks
Dad said to watch out “green rocks are slippery”
One little girl slips in the cold and deep water
wet but OK....a lesson learned.
Cloths were changed...Memories were made..A family laughed but …
Always watch out for slippery spots!

Years pass ... I remember the lesson

It was not about a warning …
to never walk along the rocky beach with green and wet rocks
It was not a warning …
to never turn over the rocks to see what was living under rocks
It was not a warning...
to not go there of look at life among the water and the rocks
because there was danger out there.

It was as I see it through adult eyes...
a statement about life in general
Go and walk
Go and look
Go and explore
Go and do
Be totally aware of who you are and where you put your feet
Be totally aware of who you believe and where you put your trust
There are slippery spots
sometimes you will just not see them at all
sometimes you will not believe what happened so quickly
you might have to just laugh at the mistake
and get wet
....and help make changes

DANGER is all around us
we can not remove it
we can not avoid it
we can not go around it or under it or over it
we can not always see it
but...we need to keep our eyes totally open.
go right through it with care

There is stuff you do not expect to find under all the rocks
There are many green rocks AND slippery areas in our walking journey  


  1. Great Rae, and I love the insight in this! Very cool

  2. My sister and I were young when she slipped on the mossy rocks. We still say at times " another green rock I didn't see" as life sends us dangers. I had a friend who would not walk the rocks on a beach in Maine because she might fall which was very true but...she had a stroke soon after that and missed the above photos. I do think life is about the slippery spots and looking for answers under the rocks. I am not sure it is poetry but the thoughts have rhyme and reason.

  3. I enjoyed your poem and its message. So very true that we cannot totally avoid danger but have to find a safe way to navigate through it. Where one decides to put one's feet IS the key.

  4. When life hits me with something unexpected, now I'm going to think of it as a slippery rock I didn't see!