Sunday, January 20, 2013

Universal Door

After writing and posting the poem Danger I found the words I typed for a painting that I started a while ago and went "wow" The total same concept but different poem and written to say the danger though it is there is a challenge to find Joy.  This poem and painting, that will take a while to finish is titled Door To The World: and whats beyond

Door To The World: and whats beyond

There are grand bridges to cross
they may be wet
soap suds slippery wet.
Boards you can not just slip on
step unexpectedly through.

There is a fantastic universe out there
with love
with surprises
with all that you desire

There will be doors to step through
some with locks
some with keys
some lock tighter then a steel vault box.

When there is no door in the wall
No door at all
You may have to that makes that door
Yes, a door through which to soar

Do you see it?
Do you understand the choices?
Do you have faith?
To take the first step
To finish the journey
To find you
Choices are yours
Chances will be there
Changes always happen

Where is the world within you?
It was there when you were born
embrace that inner-child and fly.

 Watch your step there are places with out boards and places with watter and suds 
 Places you can not tell if you ate looking at  something solid
Places that are wood one step and universe in the next step

I will have fun and work ahead to finish this painting!


  1. Yes,embracing the inner child and flying is definitely a worthy goal. You have such a positive attitude, which must serve you well.

  2. I've long believed that it's never too late to have a happy childhood! Love that painting. What a creative presentation!