Friday, January 25, 2013


Poetry Jam
Who Rights The Rules

Who is "they"?
What do "they" say?
In 1962 I did not ask you.
I just thought "they" knew!

Now... Wow.. heaven only  knows
No rules on TV shows!
Are there rules that are never broken?
Are there words that are never spoken?

Our sports heroes lied
Our sports heroes cheat
Logic is defied
Leaders draft some rules
Leaders trust is now a question
Written rules,  close to combustion

It was easy when I thought I could trust 
the words, floating in the air around me.
It was easy when I thought I could view
the rules, watching the adults surrounding me.

Society was a trustworthy teacher.
Adults set the positive roles, they didn't have to be a preacher.
No adults were ever fools.
I did not see them break the rules.

Move back to a trusted book.
I bet you know where to look.
Beyond the TV and Internet,
10 rules in stone were set.

These rules are not followed anymore.
These rules are simple, as before.
These rules are good
These rules are easily understood.

Even a child can understand 
No childproof  container was in the plan
Read ..Think...Do
Heroes, Leaders, and Actors.... all of you!


  1. So very true that it seems people routinely break rules right now...even the 'heroes' of sports & those in the political arena....and the 10 Commandments aren't followed or perhaps even LEARNED any more. It IS a 'different' world!

  2. Different is not always totally better. What world will we see soon and what world will our kids and grandchildren see? Ten Rules were just followed and life was easier to see the path and the future then...Now? What door will take us where we want to be and and where is that?

  3. This is 'telling it like it is' .... great stuff!!

  4. Rules and people have all changed--and yet stayed the same. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. this is our present reality for sure...a less ordered society where we say what we think others want us to say or what will save our behinds....smiles...

  6. it definitely is difficult to trust public figures at all and breaking the rules does seem almost a right of passage these days.

    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam {and i apologize for the delay in visiting you.}


  7. One does wonder if there are any absolute rules. I am late responding to this but thanks for posting.