Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fly Me To The Moon

Poetry Jam

Fly Me To The Moon

The sun and stars know how to shine.
The wind knows how to blow.
The water knows how to flow.
Humans, well what do they know?
Seeds and grass will grow
Snow will fall just fine
Trees will grow just ask the Pine.
Humans, we don't like to stand in a straight line?

Humans use logic and reason, right?
But when?

Our language is a funny fit.
Pro and con are opposite,
Then progress and congress are opposite..
OK, today that may be true
educated folk can not agree any day
on words and what they intend to say.
death can happen, people dead
what we thought they said

Children are taught that all elephants are gray
A blue horse, no don't color that way
To keep the artists that is born in you
will be hard for you to do.
Logic may be cherished and taught in school
creativity may mean breaking the rules.
Imagination is the creative station
 we do nor want to miss in our education.

Science teaches how its done.
English has rules and exception fun
Math is only one way right.
History rewrites it self..with might.
We try to teach in four walls
lines of kids in the halls.
Drop the lines, remember we do not do that well!
Humans ...do not learn that way we find!.

When we want to know how man lived in the past
we look at his art and then we know!
Add creativity back into each day
when today is tomorrows long ago
something in our culture and time capsules will show...
We did go …
.to the moon both in rockets and our mind.


  1. I love this, some excellent lines and moments. It is amazing how a chap on TV can tell us something that we immediately believe. The poem flows really well and its magic is that you are not sure where it is going to end up. Logical but not logical, well done

  2. i think adding creativity back into each day would be a wonderful thing....would not mind a trip to the moon as well...smiles.

  3. I enjoyed this, Rae. You showed some of the 'illogic' in things that should be 'logical.'' You are right: history is often revised, English pronunciation often doesn't follow rules; and so true that many times creativity DOES (thankfully) break the rules!

  4. what a wonderful read, j really enjoyed this

  5. So much good stuff here. I especially like:

    creativity may mean breaking the rules.
    Imagination is the creative station
    we do nor want to miss in our education

  6. I enjoyed reading this and found myself nodding my head in agreement through out. Thank goodness for creativity!!

  7. Me too Peggy. LOL I have always been fond of blue horses myself...in my world we have them:)

  8. This would be a beautiful poem if only for its thought, but then add in its style and CREATIVITY and you have a real all-round winner.

  9. Absolutely! ! Creativity is what keeps us bright as the stars:-) Excellent! !

  10. THANKS to everyone for the comments. It is so much fun to hear what you think when you read my poetry

  11. Wow. Your poem is so full of wisdom and it's so well written. I really enjoyed it, and thoroughly agree with you. The painting is beautiful too and goes so well with your poem. Really nice.

  12. Hi Rae, thank you for the visit and just wanted to say, I was reading your poem on my phone and now I'm on my computer, got the full view of your beautiful art--REALLY love that painting :-)