Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Full twirl of life

Poetry Jam

Just dance

“I can't dance” you say
my feet just don't go that way!
Take a chance...
Life is wobbly at best.
Dance is hard, that I confess,
like a fiddler on the roof
movement is chancy...there is proof
falls happen all the days,
in so many ways!
Traditions broken.. so there is a fall
or maybe, a big wobble that's all.
After you fall, it could....
be good?
You may just find something new
that was concealed from view.
Stand up when life asks you to dance!
Change ..isn't not a happenstance.
Play the music and rosin up the bow.
Even with questions and answers to know.
take care,watch your step,
kiss your partner and
Do the full twirl .....................of life
with its slippery roof music and all
you could fall 

When you have the chance........I hope you dance!


  1. Yes, life is too short not to... love this.

  2. "Stand up when Life asks you to dance!"

    Inspiring and lyrical.

  3. Stand up when life asks you to dance! - this really captures it for me, great line and i like the way you keep hanging on some lines, just like music

  4. If or not a happenstance, dance full twirl. Nice.

  5. Yes, life is one dance we must not sit out. And somehow we will find the right steps.

  6. Definitely good to take the risk and dance! This poem to me has the feel of dancing.

  7. Love this message--don't be afraid, just dance! :-)

  8. What wonderful advice you give in this poem! Nice response to the prompt!

  9. indeed just dance.....nicely done