Saturday, March 30, 2013

Regularly Irregular

Poetry Jam

Regular Things

As a child there were many things
Breakfast, lunch, school bell rings.
Jacks, marbles and skate keys
Kisses, homework, night prayers, and climbing trees.
There were regular times and regular things.
Bed time, Sunday dresses, family games to know.
Laurence Welk was a family watched show
Remembering back to regular times
Easy, all helping, not many messes in those years combined
1950- 1970 maybe easy to do?
Was it for you?

1970-2000 a different plan
I was plannings biggest fan.
I tried, I remember to keep life in check.
But the regular was a wreck!
I tried to run a regular day,
probably never came out that way.
Change from Leave It to Beaver and My Three Sons
To reality TV where anything runs.
News, war and mess on the screen,
everything bouncing and everything seen.
Nothing seemed ever slow,
We were just on the go.
Just the way life moved back then
I do remember with a smile “Do you remember when...?”
Though, life seemed to be content,
not sure where all those years really went.

2000 -Now ..Wow !
A usual pattern is hard to find
I do remember, to try to make a way,
unregulated, unusual, is the regular day.
I guess I've grown to like it that way.
No rut, no straight path,
Complicated task?
Thinking,... “no”....

2013 and no alarm
A grandson is in my arm.
And Skype to kiss more,
So fun? Yes! just at the door.
Care-giving to three generations
(4 if you count me)
Some family vibrations.
(usual, now for me to see)
My creativity, a business to run
Gratitude when each day is done!
I kiss the stars!
(even look for constellations and Mars)
With joy, saying thanks with praise,
for each and all the days!

Irregular, unexplained, and changing days
But...I wake up to explore,
There isn't more!


  1. life is a bit of regular and whole lot of controlled think it comes with having kids...kissing the stars is something i could get into on a regular basis. change is about the only regular. smiles.

  2. I blame it on the kids too and I can add grand kids and then kick it back to my mom. LOL
    Happy Easter and I can not even get this back to anything that looks like the old normal . If I buy chocolate I eat chocolate but then I guess that is actually it for the kids and then eat lots myself....anyway off to get Mom for church and that is usually normal. Have a Happy Day!!

  3. A fun poem going through time with you. Add kids to the mix certainly seems to take away a regular schedule! (can't even imagine what grandkids will add to the mix!)

  4. I liked following your story and journey to less structure. Irregular seems to be my regular as well--maybe it is something about this period of life. But then consistent structure has always been a bit elusive for me. Oh well. Sounds like you are in a good place now.

  5. Lawrence Welk at my Grandmother's every week and a structured day... yes I grew up in those times as well. I think kids pack more in their days - not sure if it is better, but they seem happy. And modern convenience to stay in touch... nothing beats it! I like this and feel this poem.