Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crystal Ball Needed...? Well just good luck!!


Soon...actually very soon!
my home will go on the market in June
I will move my Mom to a Senior Assisted Home in Oregon,IL
I will move me, to a place I still must find, in Oregon IL too.
This will put my mom and I in the same town as my daughter Danica.
For this move I must box up my things for the time it takes
to sell and then find a new home for me.
A short time is my hope!
that will effect my art business.
Moving my Studio, Gallery, Workshop, and Office
may put everything in to a temporary stop pattern.

To avoid boxing all paintings in my inventory I am going to have
E bay.

A three-day sale for each painting
watercolors that are on the smaller size
framed with glass will go on auction first.
PLEASE check it out listed in this category: Art > Direct from the Artist > Paintings
Any trouble finding painting by Rae Ann Hoehmcontact me at

I will be weaving a new life with the fabric I have now,
along with newly added colors and threads
from the challenge and fun of this move!

I will have internet access, email, FACEBOOK,
probably just not the home computer setup.

 I will post here as I can until I have to take down the Office and then hope I find the new Home Rental at the same time so the move is smooth. Maybe I can post from my ipad and maybe someone here (LOL) knows someone that has a Home for rent in Oregon Illinois area. The points of light theory taken to the max..the idea that we are all connected and that if One asks maybe there is an Answer  where I do not expect to find it!


  1. Thinking about you and know that things will fall in to place for you on a day by day basis! Just what you need , when you need it!

  2. Oh my! well as always my prayers are with you and I wish I was there to help.