Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life in a snowglobe

Poetry Jam

Carry On

Sinking like a stone
Swimming without a life-preserver
Falling like a star
Floating without a parachute

I can't help but singing, as to the stone I'm clinging
I can't help but crying, as to the star I'm holding
Being in the snow-globe, as life is doing the shaking.
Looking in all directions, because I need more asking

not knowing how, is still doing
not knowing when, is still looking
carry on will be what's working
knowledge will come with asking

Life does not come with out its challenge.
Carry on with all the load I've received.
Footsteps in the sand confirm the knowledge
that I have the help I need
This painting is not finished but the theme of the abstract about how life gets shaken up and we just have to have faith to Carry on and ....How did poetry jam know this is on my easel now? 
The poem was written yesterday and the painting worked on in the past days because painting helps me solve problems and think things through.
I just did not have a title...I was tryng to think and I opened the 
new prompt and I have a title.


  1. I really enjoy how you combine painting and poetry ... very nice!

  2. What a TREAT this is, to read your poem, reflections arising from your beautiful that a wedding ring at the top of your painting? I especially love your closing lines. Awesome post!

  3. Falling like a star - love this and the tenderness of the words.

  4. we do carry on with the load given...there is reason in everything...met a guy last night telling me about a friend that lived w cancer...and kept his peace and happiness...

  5. A beautiful reminder that there's always hope. Accepting life on life's terms is the key.

  6. Beautiful poem and beautiful painting. Isn't it great when these two arms of creativity lace together! Carry on for sure.

  7. I like this poem, Rae Ann. It almost reads like a song to be sung. I do understand painting helping you solve problems and think things through. Did you see on television today that the younger George Bush is painting now too? He IS quite talented really. I was impressed. I like the line in your poem which says 'knowledge will come with asking.' I think this is true. And I do think poetry helps a person solve problems too......if they write from the heart and soul. Blessings to you.

  8. A beautiful painting! Funny when life comes together like your painting and the prompt.

  9. I really like the brightness and color in your painting! And your poem is great and has such depth and truth in it!

  10. Carrying on is, indeed, a process with stages. Clinging to the known and safe while scoping out the next move, grabbing on when things are in free fall until a somewhat soft landing can be executed, looking around and evaluating things and then, moving on ... it can be chaotic, but we humans are resilient!

  11. Thanks for all the great comments. More on this tomorrow