Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Poetry jam

To Much Buzz

Finding tranquility
in a sea of activity.
Surfing the movement,
“what I have to rent!”
Boxing, as in wrapping
not sporty and clapping..
Fluttering, like a bee
in a hive of complexity.
Please make this sweet as honey
and worth the money.
Moving from here to there,
Where there is more help with grandma care.

Buzzing like a bee,
in a sea of tranquility.
Peace with renting,
no responsibility is contenting!
Packing is not fun,
but..I get the cleaning done.
Complex timing is all looming,
along with very time costuming..
Sweet, oh yes this will be nice,
and really worth the total price.
My mom is in my tender care.
Yes, buzz buzz, buzz...I'll move from here to there!
Bees do sting
a painful thing!
But, bees also pollinate!
Something we appreciate.
Working hard and hardly fun.
like a bee, so all gets done.


  1. yes, sometimes one should take a break from all the work...

  2. Great poem, really captures a busy life and the "moving from here to there" i like this a lot.

  3. i am glad your mother has you to care for her...and while it may be a lot of work, hopefully it does bring new life and new opportunity as well...

  4. Moving can be so tedious, but it sounds like you're making a good decision. I love the metaphor.

  5. You do sound very busy--and good luck with the move. You captured the feel of business here.

  6. ...we all have bees-ness to deal with at times that makes us all so bees-zy.... and moving is such a tiring thing to do but all worth it for the loved one waiting for you... hope you have a less-stressing & safe move... smiles.... loved the rhyming you produced here...

  7. How fortunate your Mom is that you are able to care for her. Funny how in life, the roles get reversed. I had to smile at "but..I get the cleaning done." Sometimes I try to clean the house as if we were moving - deciding what we really need to keep or not.

  8. I am sure you are busy as a bee with your moving. Bees definitely are good role models. You will be so relieved when it is over and hopefully then able to sit for a while and smell the (pollinated) roses!


  9. LOVE the rap rhythm here ... I cared for my mother the last five years of her life ~~ wouldn't trade them for anything!!

  10. Excellent wordplay and meter Rae Ann, I'm just about to be where you are--packing up my inlaws--I'll bee able to smile thinking of your poem :-)