Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Poetry Jam

Temperature Rising

My hand on you and your hand on me
Temperature 90 it said on TV
Air Conditioning on but ...hot as can be
No chance of cooling that I can see!

Hands move to music that's yours or mine
Moving the air with a fan feels fine
Air is chilled but.... not in time
No chance of changing to a “stop” sign!

Danger. I am tired .....it's late and hot and a very long night!
Danger I am sleepy.....not a good time to ask me to write!

I thought of something I wanted to type then got to the 10 line “thing” and knew that I would just have to type and not use the photos and paintings of the Grand Canyon that was my first thought...now you all are going to have to reads what I type after a long hot day that had many bumps along the way. I guess I should not type after 11pm and rum hit the coke. LOL


  1. LOL Nice job despite your long day and the hot weather!! Thank you for posting!

  2. Great poem, tiredness and heat make nights long, feeling rise. Well done.

  3. A slice of that rum cake sounds like a perfect ending to the evening!

  4. Bacardi coke and ice...great idea..I'll join you...It's winter here but who cares!:)

  5. Yes, indeed... hot summer nights are hotter now, especially with rum!

  6. ha. what better way to end a hot evening than to write you know...
    hope you get some rest...

  7. Rum and coke and poetry? I thought they were a perfect fit!

  8. Rum, coke, heat, and a late night with a lover ... forget the writing! That can come later! LOL!

  9. Rae we were sort of on the same page--you really made me laugh in your notes (rum and coke, one of my favorite hot night drinks..)--a very fun poem