Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spirits Fly

Poetry Jam

Bird's Point Of View

Building community
One stick at a time

Working steady
Working slow
Caring for family
stick by stick the nest will grow.

Guarding the yards of those we love
Looking down from branches above.

Small wings flutter strong
Gathering with friends where we all belong

wind under our wings is all we need
flying....Guaranteed to succeed .

Take the bird's eye view
Stick, Wind, and Sky
That always helps

spirits fly


  1. I love "stick by stick the nest will grow". For birds, and for humans too. (smiles)

  2. Amazing pictures you piled up to go with the poem. The words were precise and capturing. We could apply these in our lives too I feel.

  3. It progressed really nicely through the interspersed words and pictures.

  4. Seeing things from the view of birds helps us to appreciate all we have. Nicely done.

  5. yeah, the guarding of the neighbors yard...i think there is def much that we can learn of nature...and of birds in how they make much of what is cast off by others...

    my poetry jam poem

  6. What beautiful paintings, Rae. And loved the culminating photo. We really do need to take the bird's eye view sometime. We can learn from birds.

  7. Yes, birds can really help us focus on the moment.

  8. I enjoyed this piece...from message to artwork!

  9. Absolutely .. building community is what it's all about!!!

  10. ...birds are just so lovely... for me they all are perfect symbols of joy, simplicity & innocence ... a day without hearing a bird song &/or seeing one fly in the sky is like a dead day where zombies rule... hihi... smiles...

  11. These are lovely or perhaps it is all one poem with stanzas. Love the brief images you have captured.

  12. Oh I love the illustration of your words. Beautiful!

  13. You always do such a beautiful job of combining pictures with words and painting with words too! Our feathered friends do lift our spirits don't they? :-)