Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Skin Side

Poetry Jam
Inside Outside

(There was a childhood poem about leather mittens and I will borrow some words but I do not know the poem or who wrote it)

All  Sides  Of   Love

I want to keep the warm side inside
I like to keep the soft and fur side inside
Then I can keep the skin side outside
Keep the soft and smooth side outside
The tough and hard side is on the outside
Sometimes the skin side is the hard side
Sometimes there is no fur side
The a tough skin side is on both sides
We all need the fur side to be on the outside
The genital and warm side on the outside
When we move the skin side inside
We can have the tough  and brave side inside

All this works and all is well
 Can You Tell?

Is there an inside and an outside
Is there a top side and a bottom side
Is there a Right and Left side
Is there a my side and a your side

Soft and Hard side on the inside
Hard and Soft side on the outside
Right hand on the Left and Left hand on the right
Your side is next to my side, my side next to yours
THE difference makes no difference at all
the skin side and fur side
both make to keep us strong
no side is ever wrong


  1. Ah, that is the beauty of love... Its delicious contrasts.
    Good poem!

  2. Thanks for posting your poetic thoughts on inside and outside! Happy holidays.

  3. No side is ever wrong. Nice. Interesting play of words. Well-penned.

  4. yes... i think we all need those different sides to protect us sometimes and sometimes open up completely...always depending on how safe we feel with the people around us

  5. Powerful and very reflective.Well Done.

  6. Fun play with 'sides', to be safe from 2 sides - sometimes gets boring..:)

  7. love the word-play and contrast...

  8. your poem reminded me of some furry mittens I had as a child! Wish I still had them!