Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Inner Fire

Poetry Jam

The Spark That Makes You YOU

What lights your fire
What sparks your joy
What ignites your passion
What fuels your sole

You know this from the past

When did you say I want to do that
When did you feel incredible happiness
When did you say I love this
When did you desire nothing more

You know this now

Do what lights your fire and makes you say yes
Do what sparks your joy and doubles your happiness
Do what ignites your passion and builds your love
Do what fuels your sole and completes your life

Let the spark of your creativity ignite your passion and light a fire in your life's journey



  1. I like this, the questions it raises and the way it cascades through the mind.

  2. Hopefully, we all have that spark somewhere deep inside.

  3. Finding that spark and following it does give each day a spark!

  4. I wish you blessings and God-speed on your journey: rearranging toward joy.

  5. What a fine toast to the New Year! And a positive resolution for life!

    1. My daughter actually started this as she asked me for a birthday resolution. As I turn 66 she wanted a one word of something I would stop and a one word I wound start...As you can see I don't do well with one word requests but....I do think this covers my total wishes. I think 66-96 I will do things that help "light my fire" and make me say " Ahhhh, Wow, Yes, Perfect and ..." Grand kids are a great start and I will work from there lol!

  6. We should all ignite that sparkle and live to the fullest! Happy New Year!

  7. Very nicely expressed. I do think that it is good to do what lights our fire as we go through life. We need to keep our passion no matter what our age. Nice to see you in Poetry Jam again in the New Year!

  8. I love the idea of finding that spark and following it! Just reading the questions gave me joy.

  9. Tremendously good advice. Received and understood. Great writing.

  10. I really liked the metaphors in this poem.

  11. Hi Rae! Happy New Year!! You are off to a brilliant start :-) There's nothing like finding that feeling that ignites the joy in you. Excellent poem and advice :-)