Thursday, January 30, 2014

I am here

Poetry Jam


I am here in my head and heart
A small part...big part of me
But I am here

I am here in my room with my head on a pillow
A small place in my home
But comfortable and sleepy

I am here in my house and home
A family living place
But part of a larger family connection

I am here in a Rock River town of Oregon
A historic place for sure
But connected now by people and a river

I am in North Western Illinois
A growing and middle state
But one of many states in this section

I am here in the Mid-West of the USA
A urban and rural mix
But not North ,South ,East, or West at all

I am in the USA
A great place to live
But not the same in any one region

I am here in North America
A continent like no other
But actually the same as many in many ways

I am here as part of the world
A big place to live...a little place actually
But do we count the universe as a whole

I am here part of the whole of humanity
the universe
the world
a contaminant
a country
my state
my town
this home
this family



  1. I enjoyed the far reaching approach you took. I was raised in the mid-west .. Southern Illinois, a great place to be.

    1. I have visited the west ease south and north but I live living here

  2. I like how your poem opened with your "head and heart" and then moved progressively outward. Thanks for your visit at my blog. I think it's a great thing you did by moving closer to your Mom so she could be near her grand daughter and great grand son. I'm sure it brings her much happiness!

  3. I had just finished the painting it may still be wet always suprized when the painting matches the prompt for the week

  4. First of all, your painting is beautiful; and yes it definitely does seem to be perfect for the prompt. I really liked how you started out in your 'head' and went outward from there...starting with the small and going through the room, house, state, and ending in the universe. To me your poem showed not only how small an individual person is in the whole scheme of things, but (on the other hand) how important the ME is as well.

  5. Excellent poem, Rae Ann! I enjoyed how you started with yourself before you broadened your perspective and then went back to yourself, step by step. I like the repetition at the beginning of each stanza, the positive mood and the overall form.

  6. we are all part of a bigger whole...i think in realizing that we have the opportunity to do great things...that connection...i like how you went both big and small in examining your world....

    1. Some times it is just your viewpoint. and that point rotates many times.

  7. I like how you give us a moving in and out kind of view! I like the painting too. Thank you for posting!

  8. I like how 'me' gets incorporated with the universe and then boldly stands alone...

  9. Wonderfully written, that connection the feeling of being part of the world and creation. Well done

  10. Enjoyed your approach... lovely painting, too.

  11. Rae, Your painting is gorgeous! And a very clever approach to the prompt. For a minute I thought you were in going to go smaller and then you expanded :-) Beautiful!

  12. An interesting piece that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  13. A great expanding sphere of a poem, going from the great within to the great without. I enjoyed reading this.