Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Moving Tribute

Poetry Jam

Thanks, Gratitude, and Joy 

Keeping the wheels of life turning.
I need to thank so many 
that have helped me along the way.
So many folks are really apart 
of this and every day.
 My Mom and Dad who started me on a bike
Kept me riding, through pregnancies,
 Toddlers, children and beyond.
They were there to give me a start.
Put biking in my heart.
From commuting to
 long day rides.
I now say “thank you!”
Because nephews with their boy scout badges,
I trained to move toward riding more miles per day
Then I could imagine.
 I rode my first 50 and 75-mile ride that way
It was then very hard to do 
I can do this now so…
I say “thank you.”
Only with the group of bikers 
I have met over the miles
can I be riding the rides,
that I ride today with smiles!
Those who helped me to learn to bike and camp.
Ride 50 + miles and set up a tent
Actually that was a big big step, 
To ride that far and then camp out.
It makes you know what a challenge is about.
Helped me navigate the hills with bike gears,
Helped to speed up the pace of the ride, over the years
Helped through he rain and wind  and probably tears.
and... then more hills!
Thankfully with only a couple of spills.
I had to learn to pack a wet tent 
At the beginning of the day.
 To smile when setting up in the rain is hard to do.
 But I can do it …because of you.
“Secrets” others knew were passed along.
so I know what to do.
Taking the bite out of the bike seat, changing tires, and riding in traffic
Are just for a few.
Someone to shake my tent at 5am and hand me coffee.
A good start!
Someone to get my bags and save a space for my tent
 Someone to buy a beer.
Someone to share a sandwich 
Some one to fix a flat
Someone to show me how to yell at loose dogs
Someone to watch a sunset on a log.
Someone to slow down and ride by my side
Conversation for a bit during the ride
To share hugs and their smiles.
Now it feels like there is always 
A Hand On My Back …over the miles
I say ‘thanks,’ 
Oh thank you for all that!

Last but not least it’s thanks to my bike. 
The bike was painted to look like the sky.
 It answers the question “why”
By those who do not understand 
“Why would you ride so many miles?
“Because the sky is blue” 
That is true
Though the seat can be a pain 
So can the cold and the rain

Now I ride with a bike, a map, and a friend
I love to go, to ride, 
Because I Can
To my bike and friends I must say
“Thanks” you are the life key for me.
“You bring strength to my body,
Peace to my mind, with joy abounding.”
making life outstanding!

Oh. I quite forgot

If I remember just a little more
I could thank the rain for the cool and wet
I’d thank the sun for the warmth and sunset.
Is there more I mustn’t forget!
The flowers, one, some, or just a few.
Those brighten the day and improve the view.
Well is that all? No, I must remember the air.
It smell so great on any side
Makes the wind to challenge the ride.
There now I an done and I am through
Oh No!
I must thank YOU!


  1. Cool, two wheels and the world is at your disposal, adventures and freedom. Great words and excellently captured.

  2. Great tribute to the people who encouraged you to ride in the first place, then to go on and improve! I also enjoyed the words of gratitude to your bike itself.

  3. ha. my bike was like a doorway to adventure...it took me so many places....def it was a good friend through my teen years.....and to those that encouraged us to learn the freedom that it offers....cool write

  4. A very interesting tribute to your mom and dad & all the others who encouraged you with your biking over the years. I can see that it has been an integral part of your life and has given you much enjoyment and many opportunities. Very cool that you think of your bike as a 'life key.' Wow, you have taken some dynamite rides. I admire this.

  5. I had no idea you biked like this. Can you share the secret on how to shoo away vicious strays?

  6. I remember the joy and freedom of riding my bike out into the countryside when I was in my 40's........sometimes playing Elton John tunes on my walkman and boogying on the bike seat!!!!!! Wonderful times. I love your tribute - to life!!!!

  7. How fun to get to know this part of your life. My husband is a big biking fan and has done many of the long sort of rides you describe. But also I think your poem works well as a sort of metaphor for getting through life. Nice tribute!

  8. My favorite line: "But I can do it …because of you."

  9. very cool tribute- don't forget to thank your legs!

  10. Hi Rae..I am hoping you will be able to make your way around through Poetry Jam this week for the tribute poems...as we all enjoy comments as well. And we really are a pretty reciprocal place. Thanks!

  11. It sounds so wonderful. The joy of your bike-riding oozes out of this poem. I've got to confess, I feel a bit deprived. I never learned how to ride. That's pretty sad for me huh?

  12. Rae you are a ray of sunshine! love this tribute and the great images. in my youth I did some bike camping. It was wonderful. Very impressed how much you have accomplished. Love the color of your bike too :-)