Saturday, April 12, 2014

Home Run

Poetry Jam

Ball Game Thoughts

Baseball isn't really my game
But I will write just the same

Curve Ball
Thrown by the wind from the storm to my face

Slow Ball
Thrown from the hills to my leg now a hard peddle push

Fast Ball
Thrown to my spirit as the down hills send energy to my joy

First Base
Setting the plan of the miles and the places

Second Base
Knowing all the pitches are not as originally in the plan

Third Base
Teamwork and friends make the hard times just perfect

Home Base
Planning and Knowing and Doing....but not a race

Out field
Where the camera finds the vistas up and out

In Field
Where the camera zooms the hidden beauty down and under

Strike One...Hills (of Mississippi)
Strike Two...Rain  (from the Gulf)
Strike Three....First ride of the year
( still snow in my yard)
NOT OUT (not at all)

Home Run
Bike Trip Done
What fun

...a winner of a ride in a beautiful place and joy on my face!


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    1. my reply went in as a comment...I guess I will have to retrain on the

  2. Back to my home field and home team but...yes I had a great time. Learned more then I wanted to know about spring and asthma and hills but something good to know. 215 miles for the first time my bike was down was probably a stretch in warm up field but...the ride was a home run to the max.

  3. Glad you had a nice trip, Rae Ann. I like how you used the game of baseball metaphorically in your poem. Glad you did not 'strike out.' Smiles. Welcome back!

  4. I am glad all went well and you had a great time! I enjoyed your poem and how you used it. "Knowing all the pitches are not as originally in the plan" - this can be both worrying and exciting. Usually this is what provides the best memories, later.

  5. Ahh... wonderful analogy and I'm not surprised.

  6. I can identify with this poem, not knowing anything baseball, myself!