Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time IS Time

Poetry Jam
It's About Time
It IS About Time

I take my bike down
I ride to places that are new
I see what my legs can do
Time to fly
Time to see the sky

Time to take time to be
Time to move around and be me

Some times to give good care
Sometimes to really “be there”
best to take a break
for the caregivers sake

I ride because of what is up there
What is up in the air
Always Always

Time to breath
Time to laugh
Time to be
just me

And I Know...........there is a song in the air...it IS there!


  1. Time to breath, time to laugh - Excellent, the time that just lifts the soul and frees the spirit. Love the way your poems drips of freedom.

  2. Time is very precious indeed. Use it when it is there!

  3. This is the most positive take on a poem about time I have seen. I really like how bike is such a huge part of the poem.

  4. Sounds like you are going on a bike trip. Enjoy. TIME is to be enjoyed; and PRECIOUS.

  5. a feel of great motion..speed...all through the poem...enjoyable lines...

  6. that moon day time or night; yeah its one moon; have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  7. A peaceful, meditative time on your bike, I'm sure.

  8. After the long winter, just enjoy the time you are taking on your bike!

  9. Rae, gorgeous photos and words! I'm a sky girl too :-)

  10. Time indeed for it all. Lovely photos with your poem, too! I noticed the rhythm here, like turning bicycle wheels.

  11. A very optimistic outlook on time and making the most of it!