Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Many Layers

Poetry Jam

Many Layers

Look up close
What do you suppose
Is under that rock or in the sand

An army of animals not at your command
So many things you can't see
how can it be
Hidden well in an empty place
Camouflaged and every space
The desert is a place of life
A place with much concern and strife
Getting water is a central theme
Here there is no woodlands stream
Life lives here with nature's forces
Not wasting given resources

The English language might make you walk away
Don't desert this empty place ….but stay
This habitat has always been full of surprise

A sweet dessert for your eyes

My actual Desert experiences are limited to childhood memories with no photos but...this comes close


  1. Oh yes so much life hidden in the desert! I love looking closely at these things. Thanks for posting.

  2. The desert is not a desert with you in command!

  3. So much more than is apparent to the passerby ... if only one looks closely between foot and sky ...

  4. How lovely Rae! Thinking about you!

  5. The desert is a place of life - Loved this line and the way you poem mixes it all up/

  6. I think the English language is always full of surprises, too - especially when it may be crafted into a poem!

  7. Life's spaces always need to be inspected closely for their gifts.

  8. Absolutely beautiful.

    I love seeing the small things and reading history in the rocks.