Friday, May 2, 2014

Glowing Universe

Poetry Jam


Seen from space That must be the place
That God lit the first spark To record the first mark
Now gravity is the force To keep us on course,
We see the sun at night In its constant flight 
Sinking into the earth Preparing for morning birth
The setting sun records time With all the reason and the rhyme
To keep us grounded As hard as gravity first responded
With our feet planted to our earthly floor We can have let our spirits soar
Time may nightly fly But life need not pass us by
The Sunsets are a reminder 
we should live in praise
In many ways
All our days
The Shine is the finder
Of the grace
In the total space
Of this time race
I can
See here feel and smell
The beauty and joy then next day will sell
As the sun sets we can tell

Gravity and faith keep us grounded


  1. I could not get my photo to move from the iPad to the only the poem but. There was a nice sunset with this

  2. Rae, your words paint a beautiful picture, the rhyming is really superb, loved it :-)

  3. the rhythm of this piece made me think of a 'rap' ... upbeat and moving right along ... I like it!

  4. I read your poem out loud ... Susan is right, the rhythm is great and has the cadence of rap. ~~

  5. Quite a cosmic and apocalyptic view of the sunset. Love the last line!