Friday, June 13, 2014

Redirect The Search

Poetry Jam
lost and found
Lost NOT found

I had a poem written as I drove my car
I kept it in my mind
It was one of the best I think
about lost and find
But now
it is not in my mind
I can not remember where to look
not at all
totally lost in my mind
at this time
impossible to type or start..

oh...wait...maybe? Look in my heart

I keep some things
I do not need
I need some things
I do not keep
I store some things
best forgotten
I forget some things
I think I need
I have found
I only need the part
lost things
I have kept
my heart

find what you lost in your hand or heart or your mind


  1. nice painting there in the end...what we truly need, we will have...

  2. Oh, I know what you mean! Sometimes I write things in my head and think I will always remember them, and it really irritates me when I sit down to write and can't remember my brilliant words. And I do think it is true that you only need a part of the lost things you keep in your heart; sometimes part is enough to fill that heart...with love.

  3. I enjoyed your poem, Rae! Losing a poem is not uncommon sadly. Somehow I always think I will remember what I have in mind.
    As for the things I really need, I believe they are in my heart too.

  4. Your poem made me smile - every line so true. Very annoying when that perfect poem is lost.